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Active English


Everybody needs English. A major world language, it is spoken by people from many countries and is used as a tool in international communication. Start a learning journey with us.

This is the course for people who:

  • already know some English
  • want to understand other people better
  • want to talk with more confidence
  • need to write in simple English

This course is available at two levels:

  • Level 1 : Elementary
  • Level 2:  Intermediate


Course Content

You will:

  •  listen to and practice dialogues and conversations about everyday topics
  •  learn more about English pronunciation
  •  learn and practice new grammar, vocabulary and phrases
  •  get feedback from lecturers

Level 1 covers the following topics:

  •  greetings, introducing oneself and other people
  •  taking about oneself and family
  •  talking about food / ordering food / eating in a restaurant
  •  carrying out simple transactions in shops
  •  asking for directions
  •  asking / talking about places
  •  making and receiving telephone calls
  •  arranging meetings
  •  talking about jobs
  •  talking about free time activities
  •  making comments / expressing feelings
  •  making an appointment / reservation
  •  checking price / making payments
  •  taking public transport
  •  staying in a hotel

Level 2 covers the following topics:

  •  talking about oneself, background and experiences
  •  leisure and lifestyle
  •  describing and comparing people and places
  •  countries and cultures
  •  health / seeing a doctor
  •  travel and transport
  •  talking about plans and ideas
  •  current topics in the news / on TV
  •  socialising


Our interactive lessons include:

  •  language games
  •  role-plays
  •  group discussions
  •  dialogue practice

Free Access to Our Multi-Media Programme

In addition to lessons, participants will have unlimited access (subject to availability) to our computer laboratories during the course. Here they can do as much additional study as they want in their own time with our multi-media English programme.

Course Materials

All materials are provided. 

Course Fees

For group enrolment, please contact us for a quote.