Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization
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English Communication Skills Course

Course Description

The course aims to provide participants with the language skills and knowledge required to communicate effectively in English in various speech events.


  • To speak with confidence and competence in moderate-level oral interactions
  • To understand most conversation on familiar topics in social and academic situations
  • To speak in public with accuracy, fluency and confidence
  • To participate in group discussions


1.  Listening and Speaking Skills

  • Micro-skills for aural and oral fluency
  • Oral fluency practice
  • Pronunciation practice

2.   Public Speaking Skills

  • Giving Speeches: why and to whom
  • Choosing a topic and organizing a formal speech
  • Preparing and practising a formal speech
  • Preparing for participation in group and panel discussions

Class Size

Maximum 20

Course Fees

Group enrolment. Please contact us for a quote.