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Specialist Certificate in Teaching English as an International Language
20 Feb - 9 Mar 2018

Course Overview


The status of an ‘international language’ given to English due to its predominant use in a variety of international economic and cultural arenas has led to a paradigm shift from TESL/TEFL to TEIL (teaching English as an International Language).

As English is used as a lingua franca among speakers of diverse languages and cultures in today’s globalised world, there is a need to develop curriculum and pedagogical strategies that engage students in learning how to communicate across languages and cultures.

Based on the TEIL perspective, this specialist certificate course engages course participants in learning how to use and teach English across cultures.    


3 weeks (54 hours)


The course is intended for English language teachers with some years of teaching experience in the classroom.

It aims to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To raise participants’ language awareness for teaching English as a lingua franca.
  • To enhance participants’ language and communication skills for multilingual and intercultural contexts
  • To guide participants to learn how to develop and teach materials/curriculum for teaching English as a regional/global lingua franca.
  • To profile pedagogical ideas that are informed by current literature on TEIL.


a)    2-week course on the principles and practices of teaching EIL

  • Language Variation 1: World Englishes 
  • Language Variation 2: Asian Englishes (Singapore) 
  • Intercultural Communication 
  • Technology and Intercultural Communication
  • Principles of Teaching English for International Understanding (TEIU) 
  • EIL curriculum and syllabus materials development 
  • Teaching Macro-skills for Intercultural Communication

b)    1-week for observing and teaching an Intercultural Communication lesson

  • Observing Cultural Awarness Lessons
  • Teaching an English lesson based on the principles of TEIL
  • Interaction sessions with participants from other courses

Outcomes and Deliverables

Upon completion of the programme, the participants will have been able to:

  • Develop awareness and understanding of the current landscape of the English language in the world and in the ASEAN region.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complex relationships between language and culture.
  • Use knowledge and skills to communicate and teach English across cultures.
  • Apply the pedagogical principles of teaching English as an International Language to various classroom situations.
  • Demonstrate the competency in teaching EIL by conducting oneself with sensitivity to, and appreciation of, diverse student populations.


Two approaches will be used in this course to engage students in learning to be a successful international/intercultural user and teacher of English in a wide variety of institutional settings and cultural contexts:
  • The experiential learning approach: students are provided with an opportunity to experience using and teaching English in multicultural contexts.
  • The problem-based learning approach: students are engaged in learning to resolve a wide range of mis-intercultural communication scenarios in both social and professional contexts. 

Course Requirements

To complete the course successfully, a candidate must:

a)    Satisfy class attendance requirements;

b)    Attain a satisfactory standard in required course work; and

c)    Complete all assignments.


There will be three assignments:

a)    Lesson Plan (20%)

b)    Microteaching (40%)

c)     Lesson Observation Report (40%)

Course Award

The course will lead to the award of a Specialist Certificate in Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL).

Entry Requirements

The requirements for admission to the course are:

a)    A minimum of two years study in an approved tertiary institution where English is the medium of instruction (to be verified by the institution);

b)    At least 2 years of experience teaching English in the classroom; and

c)   Candidates must meet the minimum language scores for any of the following:

  • IELTS:      6.5;
  • TOEFL:    550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, or 79 internet-based;
  • GCE O Level English:  B3 and above;
  • GCE A Level General Paper:  C6 and above; or 
  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE):  C and above
  • SPM 1119 English: B and above (GPK/PNG 3.00 and above)/Kepujian Tinggi and above
  • STPM General Paper/English Literature: B- and above (CGPA/HGMP 2.67 and above)
  • Malaysian University English test (MUET): Band 4 and above
  • CU TEP with a score of 65 (equivalent to 6.5) and above
  • APTIS (all four macro skills) B2 and above

Without meeting any of the above, applicants are required to pass the RELC English selection test.  

Course Fees

a) Fee components   


Amount (in Singapore dollars)

Registration fee

$64.20 (inclusive of GST)

Tuition fee

$1,300.00 (inclusive of GST)

Students from outside Singapore are advised to subscribe to the Group Health Insurance Scheme at S$53.50 per month (inclusive of GST), as medical costs in the event of illness can be very high. 


  • All fees are subject to change without notice; 
  • RELC does not accept any responsibility for accidents on journeys to and from Singapore or in Singapore, or for the loss of baggage and other personal belongings in transit or in Singapore;
  • RELC will also not be responsible for taking out air, travel and personal accident insurance for students; and
  • Students are expected to incur additional costs for miscellaneous learning materials.

b)    Payment of fees

  • The Registration Fee must be submitted together with the Application Form and supporting documents;
  • Fees are payable before the commencement of the course;
  • Cheques should be crossed and made payable to the SEAMEO Regional Language Centre; and
  • An administration fee of S$50.00 (inclusive of GST) will be imposed for cheques which are dishonoured.

c)    Refund policy

  • The registration fee is strictly non-refundable; 
  • Cancellation of enrolment must be made in writing; 
  • An Administration Fee of S$160.50 (inclusive of GST) will be payable if the notice of cancellation / withdrawal is made less than 5 calendar days from the date on which the payment is received;
  • Full course fees paid is non-refundable if the notice cancellation / withdrawal is made after 5 calendar days from the date on which the payment was received; and
  • Withdrawals after the course has commenced will not be eligible for refund.


1. Application can be done online or through paper-based. We encourage applications to be done via our online application system.

2. Please submit the following documents for your application:

Application Form A238 (completed and endorsed)

Medical Examination Form A228 (For overseas applicant only)

A copy of  your certificates of degrees/diplomas, certified by your institution

A copy of  your transcripts, certified by your institution.  Where a transcript is in a language other than English, it should be accompanied by a certified translation into English.  (In the absence of a transcript, a certified statement on the degrees/academic qualifications achieved with a listing of subjects studied and subject examination results is required.)

Reference letters (The two reference letters can be from an academic staff who has supervised you or a current/previous employer.)

A copy of current/valid IELTS or official TOEFL results certified by your institution (for applicants from non-English medium education systems)

 3. For online application: To use the Online Application System you will need the following:

  •  an email address which you can access regularly, because as soon as you submit your online application, this email address will be the point of correspondence
  • soft copies of the reuired documents as they would need to be uploaded into the system. Please refer to above checklist for reference

Click here to apply online

4. For paper-based application: If you are unable to apply online, you may submit the hard copies of the required documents to the address below. Two copies of the required documents must be submitted to RELC via:

(1)   Email

: ; and


(2)   Registered mail


Scholarship & Chinese Language Division
SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC)
30 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258352
Republic of Singapore

Closing Date

The closing date for application is on 19 January 2018.