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Research Fellowship


 1             RELC offers at least one Research Fellowship in a financial year to the region.

The intent of the SEAMEO RELC Research Fellowship is to:

  1. promote research capacity in the region in studies relevant to the improvement of language education;
  2. enhance the quality of research efforts in a relevant or related area of language education, to attain international recognition and understanding; and
  3. foster rigour in research efforts through sharing and discussion.


2          Applications for Research Fellowships will be considered by RELC in the light of such priorities as may be established, and of the availability of funds, but especially in the light of the probable value of the project for the improvement of language education in a SEAMEO member country or in the SEAMEO region.


3          The admission requirements for the Research Fellowships are as follows:

  1.  Applicants must be nationals of SEAMEO member countries;
  2. Applicants must possess a rich background in research with a good number of research articles that have been published in English by international language and linguistics journal(s);  
  3. The research project or proposal put forward must be sound, feasible and relevant to language and/ or education;
  4. Application reflects ability to analyse, explain and write cogently; and
  5. Applicants must possess a Doctoral degree in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, TESOL, English Language, Education, or Training. 

Applicants without the equivalent academic qualifications could be considered, strictly on the merit of their known and published research work and experience, in English, backed by a solid curriculum vitae of project leadership and research involvement.

RELC reserves the right to make the final decision in the selection and award of the Research Fellowships.


4          Applicants are expected to be capable of independent work on their proposed research projects. The proposed research project must not be part of or associated with any research project intended for a university degree or for meeting the requirements of a non-RELC grant or award.


5          The period of research may stretch up to six months with at least the last month to be on attachment at RELC.  Research Fellows from outside Singapore will be provided with return airfares (economy class), accommodation at the RELC International Hotel, and an allowance of S$600 during the one-month attachment.  The Research Budget (excluding airfare, accommodation and allowance in Singapore) should not exceed S$1,400.


6          The proposed research project must not be started and no expenses are to be incurred until the applicant is informed that the research fellowship award has been formalised.


7          RELC Research Fellows will have available to them all the relevant resources of the Centre, including one of the finest specialist libraries for research in linguistics and language teaching and consultancy, and advisory services of highly qualified academic and research staff.


8          Research Fellows will be required to present their research findings at a staff seminar during the period of attachment at RELC and submit a copy of the research project at the end of the attachment period.  The report of the research project should be at least 8,000 words in the form of a journal article.  It should first be submitted to the RELC Journal for consideration of publication, failing which, it may then be submitted to other journals of linguistics or language education.


9          In accordance with the established policy of RELC on the control of published or reproduced materials, the report of the research project becomes the property of RELC, which retains copyright control.


10        Persons applying for RELC Research Fellowships are required to submit research project proposals for evaluation and approval.  Information on the proposed research project should be as specific and detailed as possible.   All proposals must include a budget and all costs should be stated in Singapore dollars.  The award does not provide for the payment of honoraria.


11        Payment of expenses will be on a reimbursement basis upon presentation of invoices/receipts, while on attachment at RELC and upon submission of the completed research project.


12        For application forms, please write to us:

             Dean (Training, Research, Assessment & Consultancy Division)

             SEAMEO Regional Language Centre

             30 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258352

             Email: | Fax: 65-67342753