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RELC Anthology Series

The Anthology Series consists of academic papers selected from those presented at the annual RELC International Seminars and includes, from time to time, other articles of high academic quality

Titles include:    

  • Teaching Language to Learners of Different Age Groups (2012)   
  • Language Education:  An Essential for a Global Economy (2011)
  • The Impact of Technology on Language Learning and Teaching: What, How and Why (2010)
  • Language Teaching in a Multilingual World: Challenges and Opportunities (2009)
  • Strategies in Language Learning and Teaching (2008)
  • Teacher Education in Language Teaching (2007)
  • Innovative Approaches to Reading & Writing Instruction (2005)
  • New Dimensions in the Teaching of Oral Communication (2005)
  • Methodology and Materials Design in Language Teaching: Current Perceptions and Practices and their Implications (2003)
  • Teaching and Assessing Language Proficiency (2003)
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