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RELC Portfolio Series

The RELC Portfolio Series consists of short practical resource booklets for ESL/EFL teachers. Booklets in the series have the following characteristics:

  • They are practical and techniques-oriented
  • They are written in an accessible, non-academic style
  • They focus on both principles and procedures
  • They are priced very affordably

Titles in the series provide teachers with practical ways of applying new ideas to their own classroom teaching. In addition, the booklets can be used as the basis for workshops and in-service courses and can also be combined in different ways according to participant needs.

The following books are currently available:

  • Giving Feedback in Language Classes by Marilyn Lewis
  • Managing Vocabulary Learning by Paul Nation
  • The Reflective Teacher: A Guide to Classroom Research by Sandra Lee McKay
  • Teaching Listening in the Language Classroom by Christine C M Goh
  • Planning Aims and Objectives in Language Programs by Jack C Richards
  • Planning Lessons for a Reading Class by Thomas S C Farrell
  • Intervening to Help in the Writing Process by Antonia Chandrasegaran
  • Action Research in Action edited by Gregory Hadley
  • Teaching Pronunciation: Why, What, When and How by Gloria Poedjosoedarmo
  • Text Features and Reading Comprehension by Mary Lee  Field
  • Developing Language Course Materials by Brian Tomlinson & Hitomi Masubara
  • Learner Strategies : A Guide for Teachers   by Sara Cotterall  & Hayo Reinders
  • Communicative Language Teaching by Jack C Richards
  • Cooperative Learning in the Language Classroom by George M. Jacobs & Christine C M Goh
  • Teaching Speaking in the Language Classroom by Christine C.M. Goh
  • Teaching Listening and Speaking: From Theory to Practice by Jack C Richards
  • Teaching Writing by Marilyn Lewis
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RELC Portfolio Series in Portuguese and Spanish

The RELC Portfolio Series is now also available in South America in Portuguese and Spanish through SBS as ‘Portfolio SBS’. For enquiries, please contact:

SBS – Special Book Services
Avenida Casa Verde, 463
02519-000 São Paulo SP, Brazil
Tel: 55-11-6238-4477
Fax: 55-11-6977-1384