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All candidates who are interested to apply for teaching positions with the Ministry of Education are to register for the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT) via the Ministry. The Ministry will assist you with registration if you are found suitable and shortlisted for employment after the interview.

From 2013 onwards, RELC Examinations Bureau is no longer administering ENGLISH EPT. Please refer to Ministry of Education website for more details.
* Please note that public registration for the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT) has ceased with effect from January 2017. Only candidates shortlisted for employment by the Ministry of Education will be allowed to register for the test. The Ministry will assist these candidates in the registration process.


Components of (Chinese/Malay/Tamil) EPT

Part 1  involves a test of oral proficiency. Candidates are required to read a passage aloud and to deliver a short speech without notes on a given topic. They will be given a few minutes to preview the reading passage and to prepare for the talk.

Part 2  involves a test of written proficiency. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary usage and stylistic features of the language and reading comprehension. They are also required to write a short composition.

Timing of EPT

  •   Part 1  commences approximately from 9.00am (All languages).
  •   Part 2  commences from 2.00pm to 4.00pm for Chinese, Malay and Tamil language.


EPT Results

The Statement of Results will be released about 4 to 6 weeks from the test date via email to candidates who have registered for the test:

  • A pass in the Chinese, Malay or Tamil EPT:  the results will be valid for a period of 2 years.


Payment Info

Test Fees
For each proficiency test,  inclusive of BOTH Oral and Written components
Payment by AXS or Cashier’s Order S$145.00 (inclusive of GST)

Please click here for the instructions on making payment at the AXS machine.
Payment by cashier's order should be made payable to RELC EB and in Singapore Dollars with the correct payment amount.
Write your Name, NRIC Number, Contact Number, and the Test Date applying for on the reverse side of the cashier's order.


    To view the Test Dates for year 2017 and fill in the e-Registration Form, please click here.